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About us

Arnett Vintage Co

Arnett Vintage Company is a husband and wife family run business between Daniel and Sarah Arnett. The story begins five years ago, when Sarah began collecting antiques and vintage artwork as a hobby, choosing one off, unique pieces that caught her eye. With a passion for all 1940’s and 50’s styling, and a first-class degree in Fine Art from York University, she began trading at small craft fairs and sales. Once she began this passion for vintage pieces grew and grew and she spent days and nights researching and learning all she could about the antique trade. As the family home slowly began to mysteriously gain pieces that were originally destined for sale (Sarah had a habit of keeping some little treasures), Daniel began taking an interest in antiques and began accompanying Sarah to sales and on visits to antique dealers across the country. Fresh eyes helped seek out new avenues of interest for them both, and they began dealing in antique picture frames, 3-dimensional artwork and small furniture. Sarah worked at creating shabby-chic distressed picture frames in a home workshop, and Daniel called on his years of sales management expertise to create a strong business identity and presence. From this, Arnett Vintage Co. was born. And from those beginnings of paint covered clothes and long nights of research armed with glasses of wine and laptops, the duo have now created a truly novel brand that brings antiques and unique vintage pieces to the homes of today.

Think of antiques… What do you see? A musty old shop with dust in the air, and dark wood furniture covered in silverware as far as the eye can see? (and with all that dust it’s not that far). Now come and look online at Arnett Vintage Company. It’s hard to believe the comparison, but the ability to buy one-off unique pieces has turned a corner into the twenty-first Century. People and their homes have changed from antique collecting back in the day. Today people still want the thrill of finding pieces for their home – a piece of artwork that evokes a special memory, or a beautiful picture frame that makes them smile every time they walk past it in the hallway. But very few still enjoy the experience of searching through an antique shop, through pieces you may think would be ‘expensive’ or ‘not my style’, or you simply don’t have the time to browse in person. Come and see a whole new way to bring beautiful, unique vintage pieces into your home, pieces that fit seamlessly into your home décor, and lifestyle. Some pieces are from the 1980’s, and some date back to the 1700’s, but they all have one thing in common, and that’s the fact they have style. That’s why Arnett Vintage was created, by people with a passion for sourcing individual, exclusive pieces, for those with spaces in their homes for something a little bit different.

About Us

Don’t worry, here at Arnett Vintage Co. we’re not one of those online retailers that sell you goods then disappear of the face of the earth. Email us, tell us about the pieces you buy, we bought them ourselves with the intention that one day they’d end up in the perfect home setting, so we’d love feedback on how they look now you’ve got them home. This is just one way we try to create a unique buying service, one that will be catered around the customer’s requirements and will be user friendly at all stages.


Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what one of our loyal customer’s has to say about our work;

As a retired professional Art Critic who has curated or participated in numerous important exhibitions, published well over one hundred catalogues for The Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery, and as a fine arts advisor to the late King Leka and Queen Susan of the Albanians, I hope that I may advance some small claim to as a discerning collector. In so far as this may be the case I can without hesitation endorse the Arnett Vintage Company, an online gallery which deals in paintings and other works of art of exceptional quality at very reasonable prices. The collection is stylistically eclectic, exciting, and allows collectors of even limited means to acquire works of art which will give them years of pleasure and, unless I am gravely mistaken, a very handsome return on their investments! Sarah, the owner, has the ability to find real gems because she always buys with the informed taste of a true artist. Personally, I pay at least a weekly visit to her Ebay site and invariably purchase a painting or etching of merit which I squeeze into a life time collection numbering over 500 works including several by Picasso, Sir Gerald Kelly, Sir John Lavery, and Colin Watson, R.U.A., a young Irish Artist who counts H.R.H. The Price of Wales among his many distinguished patrons. That I can hang works which I have purchased from Sarah alongside paintings by such acknowledged artists is an Imprimatur of her own exceptional taste!

– Dr. Terence Justin MacCarthy, B.A. (hons), M.A., Ph.D

We hope you like the website too, our aim here is to make the browsing and purchasing process as easy as pie. With real people at the end of the phone! We think sections such as our ‘Best of British’ offer a great way to buy pieces from our country’s strong manufacturing history, and with International shipping, you can take a piece of vintage British design across the world! You can always keep up to date with new stock as soon as it arrives, with our social media platforms featuring new and existing pieces we love, and our website section ‘AVC Inspiration’ has special theme ideas, and ways to fit vintage design into your home.

We’re not like other companies, but I guess all companies say that. Here at Arnett Vintage Company we laugh, we work hard, we drink Yorkshire tea by the bucketload, we love our two dogs that wander around the workshop trying to find trouble, we eat pizza, we watch old films, and most importantly we LOVE what we do. We love that the special pieces we source, the work that goes into finding, researching and catering the sales process to all our individual customers, comes back to one simple mission, and that’s providing a unique quality product with a unique quality service.

Thanks for reading, now go get the kettle on, then grab a seat and come and browse our beautiful stock.

Daniel & Sarah Arnett

Arnett Vintage Company

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